Out of the Woods/Baba, 2017
feature film

A bitter-humorous story about one woman and one country. Stojanka, from a small village in Banat on the edge of Deliblato Sands, just like the whole country, lives in the harsh conditions of the daily struggle for a bare existence. Once upon a time, in the past, both Stojanka and the country had a choice. Today, trying not to cry over spilled milk, they are alive, but also quite unhappy. Stojanka analyzes the past, makes decisions, actions, succeeds and fails in intentions, but through her efforts she experiences the realization that it is never too late to fix everything that can be fixed. And not only for the benefit of those on whom the world rests, but also for their own good.


The Wire, 2017
short art documentary

“The Wire” actually represents the barbed wire, pulled from the well-kept state and social cabinets of the suffering countries of Europe. The wire was condemned and despised, but apparently preserved from the time of the Second World War, in order to be used today against Syrian and all other refugees in the so-called migrant crisis that reveals a crisis of empathy in the modern world to which we belong with our European heritage.


How I
Became Me, 2013
TV documentary series (4 episodes)

The series reveals young people who are here, now. meaning in Serbia at the beginning of the 21st century, they said no to apathy and the murderous sentence "Well, it doesn't pay off." Despite the great crisis of general proportions that destroys opportunities and motivation both outside and inside, the heroes of the documentary series managed to become successful. Success is not measured by numbers that refer to money and power, but to the possibility of independent living and doing a job that has meaning and perspective. In addition to the necessary and desirable existence, the heroes of the series even provide themselves with satisfaction with their jobs - a thing that is increasingly incompatible with work, at least according to the opinion of the unsuccessful majority.


The Gadget, 2012
short feature film

The main hero of the film The Gadget is Detlić, a creative, bright, but also highly moral man. He is an artist (musician, percussionist at the Opera) but also a father and a family man. Trapped by the existential problems that are beginning to reflect on his marriage, during the development of this bitter-sweet story, Detlić is a bit absurd about how to survive in the difficult conditions of the general crisis in modern Serbia. The film talks about the absurdity of a society in which culture and ethics are no longer desirable human traits; in which empathy and care for anyone who does not belong to the narrowest circle of blood or business ties are directly detrimental both to existence
and to personal reputation and positioning in society.


Citizen Ker, 2010
art documentary

The art documentary works on two levels: on the first level it talks about many abandoned dogs, sad, domestic animals on the streets of Belgrade, and on the second it talks about transitionally wild people who in crisis and poverty lost their sense of responsibility, empathy, dignity and nobility.


The Paper Prince, 2007
feature film for children

When seven-year-old Julia's parents go out and leave her at home alone, she opens the door to a suspicious stranger. Six months later, the consequences of this launch Julia and her friends on a breakneck quest to save her family. In the course of this she becomes aware of how the world works and the place she and her family occupy in it.